Our first ever “Bear&Book–Drop” of 96 Teddy Bears, schoolbooks and supplies was at Ban Klong Wai Primary School, located in the middle of the Surrathani jungle in Thailand.

On our 1st “Bear&Book-drop” we delivered 96 Teddy Bears, schoolbooks and supplies to all the kids in the school.

A Teddy Bear might seem like such a little thing, but the difference it can make is limitless. The children in tough situations and children who have nothing are often given hope and comfort when they receive even the smallest of gifts that they call their own.

The Ban Klon Wai School is located in the middle of the jungle and with the humidity and weather challenges the state of their schoolbooks were terrible.

Before our 1st “Bear&;Book-drop” we talked with the principal and the teachers and mapped out their specific needs in regards to schoolbooks. The school was in dire need of new English books so we agreed to come with a full set of shiny new English schoolbooks for all their six different grades.

After days of tracking down Teddy Bears, sorting and wrapping, the day was finally there. With the help of the Vogue Resort & Spa in Ao Nang, and fixer extraordinaire Ratchuphan aka Maii, we got all the bears, books and supplies to the jungle school.

 Therese told the back story of the Baby Eva Teddy Bear Foundation and the concept of “pay it forward” while Maii was translating. The kids were super excited about the pay it forward concept and immediately started throwing out ideas on how they could help others. After brainstorming and dancing it was time for the Teddy Bears and shiny new schoolbooks, followed by fun and games arranged by our field partner Vogue Resort & Spa Ao Nang.

In short it was an amazing day and a the start of the Baby Eva adventure!

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