A secondary school scholarship gives students the resources they need for 3 full years of school, with the option of 3 more years of higher education. Scholarship packages are made to cover tuition costs, school materials and necessary school uniforms.

In 2016 we launched our “Secondary School Scholarship” for our top students. To make sure that our program is a success we work closely with the schools and the local community.

We identify and choose the top students from our Baby Eva schools. We track their progress, and after enrollment scholarship recipients must maintain above average grades and have at least 75% attendance rate to continue in our program.

The SSS- sponsors commits to 3 years, (junior high) with an option of 3 more (high school). The scholarship in only 5000 Thai Bath a year, which varies between 90-150 Euros based on currency rate.

The payment to the student is split in two parts to fit the Thai school system. They get 2500 THB when they pass the acceptance test and get in to junior high, and the second 2500 THB when they get their grade card and we approveit after first semester. This system continues throughout the whole scholarship-period.

The scholarship is made to cover tuition, uniforms, books and supplies for the student, but most importantly guaranties that the child gets the chance to continue their education, also after the age of 12 and primary school.

If you want to help make the world a better place for these children by donating a scholarship, please fill in the form underneath and mark it “Secondary School Scholarship” – and we will email you the necessary information within 48 hr.