What we do

The Baby Eva Teddy Bear Foundation’s mission is to give education, health and hope to children in tough situations through teddy bears, schoolbooks, supplies, and scholarships. We also supply all our schools with clean drinking water, toothbrushes and quality sanitation facilities through our hygiene-programs. Our cornerstones are: EDUCATION, HEALTH & HOPE


We believe in universal education in our lifetime and that a good education is the foundation for a better tomorrow.

However, to make this a reality, the children need access to proper schoolbooks and school supplies. This is why we chose not only to donate teddy bears, but also schoolbooks and supplies to the children in our schools, through our “Bear&Book-drop’s”.

So we provide a range of schoolbooks and supplemental programming to provide quality learning. We also create engaging learning materials to address the lack of sufficient resources in the classroom.

The 4 schools we have taken under our wings are all located in Thailand. For the students at these primary schools and kindergartens, mastering the English language can make a big difference in their future and life quality. Mastering the language will open doors to well paid jobs that will help the new generation not only to support themselves, but also their whole extended family.

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In 2016 we also started our “Secondary School Scholarship” for our top students. A “Secondary School Scholarship” gives students the resources they need for 3 full years of school, with the option of 3 more years of higher education. Scholarship packages are made to cover tuition costs, school materials and necessary school uniforms.

To make sure that our program is a success we work closely with the schools and the local community. We identify and choose the top students from our Baby Eva schools. We track their progress, and after enrollment scholarship recipients must maintain above average grades and have at least 75% attendance rate to continue in our program.

The “Secondary School Scholarship-sponsors” commits to 3 years, (junior high) with an option of 3 more years (high school). The scholarship is only 5000 Thai Bath a year, which because of currency varies between 90-150Euros based on currency rate. Both private people, families and businesses are more then welcome as “Secondary School Scholarship-sponsors”.

Our future goal is that all our 6th grade students will get a “Secondary School Scholarship” before the graduate our primary schools.

If you want to help make the world a better place for these children by donating a scholarship or learning more about our “Secondary School Scholarship” CLICK HERE


The same year we also launched our “Water&Hygiene-program”.

Through the program we supply clean drinking water, toothbrushes, quality sanitation facilities and hygiene-programs to our schools. We teach our students about WATER, SANITATION and HYGIENE to keep them healthy, happy and ready to learn.  

Clean drinking water and a safe place to use the bathroom are often as important as teachers, classrooms and books. When these crucial tools aren’t readily available, students spend less time learning because of sickness.

Every year students around the world miss 272 million school days due to preventable illness. Inspired by “WASH”, an internationally recognized program, we designed our own “Water&Hygiene-program” to provide access and knowledge about water, sanitation and hygiene.

As a part of our program we have teamed up with our two field partners; Vogue Resort and Spa Ao Nang and Centara Grand Beach Krabi and the Ferris-Family, to provide safe drinking water and build toothbrush stations, bathrooms and hand washing stations, on top of our usual school renovations.

We work with communities who are deeply committed to their children’s education and we prioritize villages with the greatest need and commitment to sustainability. Our long term goal is that the communities contribute 20% to the school renovations through labor and materials. We map out the needs of the schools to then renovate the schools with field partners and village volunteers, local labourers, and our contractors.

Thanks to the amazing and generous Ferris-Family we have since 2016 been able to provide all our schools with clean and safe water, through local water delivery and recycling services.

However, in March 2017 the Ferris-Family and Baby Eva Teddy Bear Foundation teamed up with Avitez Water and Centara Grand Beach Krabi, who donated our first permanent “water filtration system” at Ban Kao Kram Primary School and Nursery. Together we put as a goal to install two permanent water filtration machines in all three of our schools before the end of 2018.

Since our students often lack basic skills, such as regular hand washing and tooth brushing needed to maintain proper health, we are in addition to providing the necessary equipment, also working on integrating healthy hygiene routines into the school’s schedule and curriculum.

So in 2017 we made an agreement with all our schools to remove all sodas, juices and other beverages from the school grounds at all times, and thereby only supplying clean water to drink for our students and teachers. The schools also agreed to integrate tooth brushing two times per day in the school schedule.

So we teamed up with “Puss med Bambus” to supply all our students with “biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes” that are not only naturally anti bacterial but also great for the environment.

We are also, thanks to our two field partners Vogue Resort and Spa Ao Nang and Centara Grand Beach Krabi, building new toothbrush-stations at our schools that will make the “twice a day toothbrush routine” much more efficient.


Our goal is for Baby Eva Teddy Bear Foundation to ensure that all our nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools have access to high quality education, sanitation facilities and clean drinking water, to maintain proper health and prevent illness among our amazing students.


We are working towards providing a new “Teacher Support – Program” in the next couple of years. We want to provide all of our teachers with an interactive methodology through coaching and workshops. A more effective teacher means that our students are receiving an even better education, but to make this a reality we need sponsors.

We are also working on finding a sponsor to launch “The Gardening – Program”, since we believe every school should have an organic garden that is maintained by a gardening class, while the food grown is used to feed the students.

And last but not least we are working on getting sponsors to do all the necessary renovations on all three schools, upgrading the students desks and chairs since they are literally falling apart and hoping to build playgrounds and install safe playground equipment in the next couple of years.

If you want to help make the world a better place for these children CLICK HERE to see how YOU can help!