Our 11th “Bear&Book-drop”

Ban Klong Prasong – 16.01.17

"การศึกษา สุขภาพ และความหวัง" Today we donated hundreds of new schoolbooks, stationery, arts and crafts supplies, sport equipment and teddy bears to the 66 students at our school; Ban Klong Prasong Primary School and Kindergarten!

We believe that a good education is the foundation for a better tomorrow, which is why we choose not only to donate teddy bears but also schoolbooks, supplies and “Secondary School Scholarships” to the children in all our schools.

A big thanks to everyone that helped us along the way, from our hardworking teams in Norway and Thailand, our amazing sponsors, field partners and supporters. You guys are the backbone of the The Baby Eva Teddy Bear Foundation!

“การศึกษา สุขภาพ และความหวัง”